Lawn Maintenance & Gardening Services

  • weekly or bi-weekly lawn cutting,  line trimming and edging
  • garden and rock bed weed management, perennial cutback, shrub pruning and annual removals
  • all lawn maintenance done includes grass clippings removed and power blowing clean any walkway/driveway

Hedge Trimming
Fruit Tree Pruning

  • trimming/tracing over hedges during the growing seasons or annually
  • fruit tree pruning and removal of dead or diseased branches which in time encourages more production and growth (healthy happy tree)
  • spray applications to kill off any insect infestations damaging growth


Deliveries &
Debris Removal

  • SOILS : garden/planting soil, lawn soil and screened top soil
  • MULCHES : dark, red, medium, coarse, fish and compost 
  • WOOD/CHIPS : cedar & fir/hemlock chips, sawdust/shavings, green grindings
  • AGGREGATES : road base, drain rock, pea gravel, clear crush, river rock, screenings, blasted rock, sand

Lawn Core Aerating, 
De-thatching, Overseed & Fertilizing

  • lawn core aerating is to alleviate compacted soil which allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass root allowing it to grow deeply and produce a much stronger lawn
  • de-thatching lawns  removes thatch and moss build up above the grass line allowing air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer to reach the soil better and improve the drainage

Softscape Installations & Raised Garden Beds

  • design a layout of ideas for your home landscape of garden beds and plants according to your wants and budget
  • we deliver and install live horticultural elements such as flowers, plants, shrubs, tree's, decor and more
  • measure and build raised garden beds, rock/wood borders, garden walls and landscape ties



Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs Including Micro-Irrigation

  • lawn and garden bed irrigation timers adjusted, repair and replacement
  • install drip lines, soaker hoses, micro-irrigation, filters, add on/extensions, multiple couplings and adapters
  • annual shutoffs and/or adjustments due to weather changes, continuous services and tare out/removal of entire systems

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